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TEENSAFE#153; Passenger Brake for CDRS trainersTEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake ushers in a new standard of excellence, raising the bar in safety, performance, and comfort.  It is geared toward the needs of rehabilitation hospitals, certified driver rehabilitation specialists, and families of individuals with disabilities who may wish to extend the training period in a family vehicle. Only the TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake offers all of these features:

  • Quicker and easier to install
  • Removes in 10 minutes for multiple evaluation-installations
  • Duplicates the power of vehicle's primary brake
  • Duplicates the sensitivity of vehicle's primary brake
  • Ergonomic positioning of foot reduces fatigue and allows for a quick foot-to-pedal response
  • Can be locked when brake is not in service. 
  • Eliminates cable friction for extended cable life (guaranteed for 3-years)

For Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS trainers), TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake is vitally important for the safe and effective instruction of a disabled driver.  Time and again we hear how the braking power and sensitivity of TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake make the driver evaluation and training process safer and less stressful for both the student driver and the rehabilitation specialist.  Many CDRS trainers have also found the driving instructor brake to be quite helpful during ongoing training as the individual learns to use other adaptive equipment in the vehicle. 

Mobility Equipment Dealers.  TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake attaches quickly and easily using only two bolts.  The cable attaches to the brake pedal (instead of the brake arm) creating a one-to-one braking ratio. This yields greater leverage (braking power and sensitivity) and reduces tensile friction (extended cable wear).  It is then threaded through a swivel-pulley hidden behind and above the primary brake to yield hindrance-free operation.  CDRS evaluators and disabled drivers prefer TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake for its superior braking performance and ease of operation. Mobility Equipment Dealers should call for wholesale authorization and pricing. 

For the Disabled Individual and families.  TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake is perfect for long-term use beyond the training evaluation period, reducing risk and stress for driver and passenger alike.  The brake duplicates the braking power and sensitivity of the driver-side brake, and can be locked when not in use.  The QUIKSTEP™ anti-fatigue foot rest provides comfort and easy pivoting for faster foot-to-pedal response.  TEENSAFE™ fits any car or vehicle. 

TEENSAFE#153; Passenger Brake for CDRS trainers

The TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake is the first driver training brake system designed for extended training in the disabled individual's modified vehicle beyond the evaluation period.  Protect your customers while adding a new revenue stream to your business. 

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists


driver side dual brake assembly   passenger side brake assembly detailed view

Driver-Side Assembly

  • Cable attaches directly to the pedal for maximum braking power and response.
  • Unique swivel pulley reduces cable wear and is recessed for hindrance-free braking.
  • Secures with one bolt (behind and above driver-side brake).

Passenger-Side Assembly

  • Tripod secures with one bolt.
  • Safety-Lock Pin locks brake when not in use.
  • QUIKSTEP™ anti- fatigue foot rest for faster braking and greater comfort.
  • Flexible cable housing bends to fit any vehicle.
O S Brake Inc formerly Ohio Safety Brake manufacturers of instructor dual brakes

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