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TEENSAFE™ Parent Brake

Our driver training brake is designed for use by parents and driving schools.

Expose your teenager to driving situations that you would never risk without our brake.
  • Fits all size cars, trucks, SUVs, & vans
  • Easily installed by a certified mechanic
  • Removes with no tell-tale sign
  • Can be locked when not in use
  • Inspected & approved in all 50 states & Canada
  • Designed by professional driving instructors
  • Used by parents since 2002
  • 3 year guarantee

TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake is the only driver training brake designed for use by parents in the family auto during the critical period when a teenager is learning to drive.

Professional driving instructors never leave the lot without one. And neither should you. Yet, in accord with today's Graduated Driver Licensing laws, tens of thousands of parents supervise their teens behind the wheel each day, without the safety and security of a passenger-side brake.

TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake promotes a safe learning environment which not only reduces the risk and anxiety associated with training your teen, but contributes to a calm focused atmosphere for effective "real world" experience and skill development.

The experience a teen gains through behind-the-wheel instruction with a parent can be invaluable. Please do it safely. And get the peace of mind you deserve with TEENSAFE™.

Equipped like the pros... parents can instruct like the pros with confidence in virtually any behind-the-wheel situation. TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake assures that parents can fulfill Graduated Driver Licensing requirements safely.

Parent Testimonials:

"I feel much safer in the passenger seat now!"
Chrissi DeLuca
"I won’t feel safe until I know I can stop the car. I heard about this brake and I had to buy it."
Kelli Rosep
"It scared me to death to think about getting behind the wheel of the car with my son. He didn’t know how to drive. I didn’t know how to teach him. I really don’t think I would have done it without this brake."
Lorraine Carlos

TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake is recognized by:

American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
Driving School Association of the Americas
Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
American Automobile Association

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A "Behind-The-Wheel w/ Your Teen" manual is included with every brake purchase.