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Leaders in passenger brake technology™

For behind-the-wheel driver instruction.

Instructors, evaluators and parents alike depend on TEENSAFE Passenger Brake to duplicate the power and sensitivity of your car's primary brake. Safer to use and more comfortable to operate, TEENSAFE fits all vehicles, is quick & easy to install and can even be locked when not in use.

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Passenger Brake Features
  • Fits any car, SUV, pickup, semi or light truck
  • Approved for use in all 50 states & Canada
  • Guaranteed cable life for 3-years
  • Prevents brake light hang-ups
  • Easy, secure 2-bolt installation
  • Anti-fatigue foot rest
  • Quicker foot-to-brake response time
  • Eliminates cumbersome driver-side attachments
  • Only brake that can be locked when not in use
  • Duplicates the sensitivity of the driver side
  • Duplicates the braking power of the driver side

Recognized by:

Driving School Association of Americas
American Automobile Association
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.
The Association of Driving Rehabilitation Specialists
American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Assoc.

Commercial Driving Schools & High School Driving Programs

Superior braking power... braking sensitivity and ergonomics have made TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake standard equipment with the country's top commercial and high school driver education instructors.

The dual-control, cable-operated TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake installs quickly and easily. Unique QUIKSTEP™ anti-fatigue foot rest provides greater comfort and quicker foot-to-brake response time.

Parents of Teenagers

TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake is the first and only passenger-side training brake that is safe, easy, and affordable enough for widespread public use. Today's Graduated Driver Licensing laws require parents to participate in on-road instruction with their teen.

Professional driving instructors never leave the lot without the security of a passenger brake. Now, parents don't have to, either. Find out why TEENSAFE™ is fast becoming the "parent-standard" in teen driver safety.

Mobility Equipment Dealers, CDRS Evaluation, & Continued Education Behind the Wheel.

Rehabilitation hospitals, certified driver rehabilitation specialists (CDRS), disabled individuals and their families have come to depend on the Dual Control Evaluator Brake to assure a safe evaluation and training experience.

Rehabilitation driving instructors find on-the-road evaluations are made easier and more productive. Families find that continued use of the instructor brake beyond the evaluation training period significantly reduces the risk of accident. Important advancements in safety, durability, braking power, comfort, and speed of installation make the Dual Control Evaluator Brake a New Standard for CDRS Evaluations...

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