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TEENSAFE™ Brake Reviews

What are professional driver instructors saying about TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake?

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As the lead driving instructor for the federal government for the past 34 years and counting and also the President and partner of a driving school for new drivers. We have been using OS Brake exclusively! The reliable and the ease of installation along with the Superior customer service we don’t even consider anything else for our instructor brakes.

Francis Sheehan

The OS Brake worked well for my son to learn to drive and we were very satisfied with everything about it.

Bill (parent), Ohio

I was really in a bind. I was just starting NW. I had purchased insurance and a bond, started advertising, website and business cards, bought a new VW Golf specifically for this purpose, got DMV certified and already had 4 students on the calendar. It was all coming together. That's when a very experienced shop told me that they simply couldn't install the brake in my car, virtually impossible. This had nothing to do with the brake and everything to do with the car. I was devastated. Not sure what to do, I called Sam. After hearing my story, he promptly visited a local VW dealership, tracked down another '15 Golf and took pictures of how he would install it. He assured me that it could be done. With that boost I found another experienced shop who I'm also extremely grateful to, who Sam then talked with on the phone. With his suggestions the brake was indeed installed and I had my first drive today. Sam went so above and beyond for a product he had already sold, I was kind of astonished. It's hard to find customer service like that and I will be forever grateful. Thank you! **btw the shop liked the brake so much that they showed it off to another large driving school in the area. : )

Nate Clover, Northwest Driving School (Oregon)

This, by far, is a superior brake for student instruction. It is easy to install, easy to use, and very responsive. I recommend TEENSAFE to fellow instructors and to parents. I would not use any other safety brake in my car. I even link to osbrake.com on my personal web site.

Bob Hanrahan, Bakker's Driving School, San Diego, CA

I have gone through 4 different dual brake systems, and this one is the best BY FAR!!! I used to have to call the brake manufacturer BEFORE buying a car, to make sure it would fit -what a nightmare! This brake fits every vehicle. My mechanic has installed countless systems over the years for various driving schools, and he told me he likes this one the best because of the ease of instillation, and the fact that it is the most reliable system he has ever seen. Our instructors also love them! They all say it is by far the most comfortable dual brake they have ever used. Highly recommended. If you have any questions about this system, please feel free to give me a call. Enjoy!

Josh Skillful Driving School (NJ) (732) 363-0410

These brakes are great!

Mike McGinn, Fleet Coordinator, Top Driver

My hat's off to you guys. You have a great product.

Mike Sayegh, Owner, All Star Driving School

Your brakes have cut my installation time (and cost) in half. The instructors are delighted with the 'feel' of the new brake and the precision it allows them. This is the best cable brake I've ever used.

Terry Allen, Centre Director, Wildest Dreams Driver Training, Chilliwack, BC

…far superior to any other passenger brake system on the market.

Keith Russell, Past President, Driving School Association of the Americas

Clearly a safer brake.

Charles E. McDaniel PhD, Past President, American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association

In my 28 years of experience, I have used dozens of dual brakes. Without question, the TEENSAFE Passenger Brake is the best dual brake I have ever used -- not to mention O S Brake's outstanding customer service and support.

Bradley Huspek President, Driving School Association of the Americas Administrator, Sears Authorized Driving School

Everybody loves this brake. It eliminates foot and leg fatigue. And TEENSAFE positions the foot so that you can reach the brake faster, easier and more reliably.

Fred Nagao, Hawaii Driver Education Compliance Officer