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Frequent Passenger Brake Questions

Here are answers to some of the dual brake system questions we hear most often.

Will I be able to use a passenger-side brake without prior experience?

Yes. Our brakes duplicate the experience of using your primary brake. You can expect the same stopping power and sensitivity with the driver-side brake.

Is it safe? Is it legal?

Yes. It is state-mandated that driving schools equip each driver training vehicle with a passenger-side brake as a preventative measure to assure safer training. The use of a passenger-side brake by parents teaching their teens to drive is equally important and highly recommended.

How durable is the cable?

Strong 1/8” aircraft cable ensures durability and longevity.

Can it be locked from accidental use?

Yes. A safety lock pin is provided to prevent accidental brake depression by a passenger (or falling object) when brake is not in use.

Who has recognized your brakes for use?
  • DSAA: The Driving School Association of the Americas
  • NMEDA: National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
  • ADTSEA: American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
  • ADED: Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
  • AAA: American Automobile Association
Fit and Use
Will this fit into any vehicle?

Yes. Our brakes can be installed in virtually any vehicle—including vehicles requiring special modifications or those equipped with an adjustable gas and brake pedal assembly.

Will your brake interfere with my primary brake?

No. Our cable-operated braking system works off your primary brake pedal without interfering with its normal operation.

How much room does the brake take up?

In most vehicles, our brakes provide adequate room for feet to rest comfortably on the floor (in front and to the left of brake). Installation in some vans and minivans where the wheel well extends inward, reducing passenger-side floor space, can be more difficult.

Will the brake work with a manual transmission (stick shift)?

Yes. Our brakes will effectively brake in all vehicles, including those with a manual transmission. However, braking without proper clutch engagement may cause the vehicle to stall, creating yet another hazard. Use with a manual transmission is, therefore, not recommended.

Does the brake come ready for installation?

Yes. All brakes are packaged complete for immediate installation and include cable with housing. For technical support, call 800-773-4104 toll-free.

Are installation instructions included with the brake?

Yes. Complete installation is accomplished in three easy steps.

  1. Drill and thread cable
  2. Position and mount brake
  3. Bolt and secure.

Step-by-step instructions and pictures accompany each brake purchase.

Instructions can also be downloaded, click here.

Where can I get the brake installed?

Our brakes can be installed by any certified mechanic.

You can also find an installer here: Over 600 installers nationwide

What does it cost to install and remove?

On average, an experienced mechanic will need about one hour to install and ten minutes to remove. The cost for both should be negotiated at one time.

How does the brake attach to the driver’s side?

Remove rubber brake pedal cover. Drill a small recessed hole through brake pedal. Thread cable through the hole until ball stop is seated in recess. Replace rubber brake cover.

How does the brake work?

A cable attaches to the pedal of your primary brake and is guided through a compact pulley swivel-assembly hidden behind and above your primary brake to assure hindrance-free operation. The cable passes through the center console and connects to the brake on the passenger side. By depressing the passenger-side brake, your primary brake pedal is pulled downward to yield full stopping power.

How long does it take to ship?

UPS ground delivers to most locations in the continental U.S. within two to three business days. Air shipment orders received before 3:00 p.m. EST will be shipped the same business day. All ground orders are shipped the following business day. We do not ship orders on Saturday or Sunday.

How much does it cost to ship the brake?

Each brake has a packaged weight of 9 lbs. Shipping and handling via UPS ground, to most locations in the continental U.S., is typically in the $20.00 - $30.00 range.